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Welcome to Year 5

Welcome to Year 5’s termly blog. This term our expedition is ‘Fantastic Animals. Our expedition question will conclude with ‘If humans were animals how would the world be?’ We are engaging in many exciting activities using and developing our knowledge and skills in all curriculum areas.


In Literacy we have looked at heroes and villains and how they are portrayed in films linking this also to animal characters. We have studied how a hero and villain are portrayed by the way they look, use of colour and overall impression. We have created our own hero and villain character, designed them in a drawing and written about them. We then compared them in a piece of writing and created audio recordings of our work. We have also worked collaboratively on writing up presentations about an animal of our choice and we then presented our work to the class.


In numeracy we have been developing our skills in the four operations, place value and decimals. We then used our skills in our rich task ‘Creating a WWF shop’ – the children had a budget and purchased a name for their shop, they purchased merchandise to sell in their shop and they then had to reprice their items to sell in their shop focusing on making a profit. This term the children will create their own website for their shop. We have also been using our graphing skills in Welsh and Science creating Venn diagrams and graphs to represent data. We practice a times table a week and then have a speed test on a Friday – we are getting quicker!

Curriculum Areas

Expressive Arts – we have listened to Carnival of the Animals. We have learnt about the composer, musical terms and appreciated the music. We have begun to create our own dance movement to the music. Influenced by George Seurat we have created our own pieces of Pointillism art based on animals.

Science/Technology – we have been learning about the different types of habitats in the world and developing our understanding of why different animals can only live in certain habitats. We have used PowerPoint to create presentations and learnt how to create databases on different animals.

Languages – In Welsh our topic is ‘Hamdden’ and we are learning different sentence and answer patterns and lots of vocabulary. We do a daily Welsh Hot Seat and play games to further enhance our Welsh speaking and understanding. On a weekly basis we have a zoom lesson with Senora Smith and we are learning Spanish – we play lots of games and practice Spanish phrases using ClassKick.

Humanities – We have located where different animals live using maps.

Health and Wellbeing – We are developing our endurance and fitness skills in cross country. Once a fortnight we run 1.2 miles around beautiful fields across the road from school. We also develop our skills in rugby, football, hockey, netball and gymnastics.

Cynefin – For our Welsh Belonging Project we are working and learning about Myths of Wales – firstly we are locating where the myths originate in Wales. Now we have begun to look at the myth ‘Taliesin’ and using our creative writing skills to reflect the story and will then in the future we will further our IT skills in producing an animation film detailing another famous Myth of Wales ‘Bedd Gelert’.

Mrs Knill Jones – Year 5 Class Teacher

Pendoylan CIWPS