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Spring Term 2022

Our topic this term has been ‘Lets Explore’ which has a Humanities focus. This project teaches children about the environments that they share with others, including their homes, school and places in the local community.

We have enjoyed exploring our school , local area and the wider world. Our puppet Molly has also enjoyed visiting different places and letting us know all about what she has seen. The children have been sharing photographs of places they have visited in the United Kingdom and around the world. We have had lots of opportunities to look at their pictures, describe the place and talk about some of the things they did. We found the country they visited on a globe and a world map.

We have been looking at the different houses in our local area and we all brought in a picture of our own home. We looked at the Welsh artist Rhiannon Roberts and decided to draw our own homes in her colourful, magical style. We loved the way the inks would mix and create new colours! It was very exciting.

In literacy we have loved to retell stories. We have listened to lots of stories about different places – Handa’s Surprise, My Cat Likes to Hide in Boxes, The Woods, Polar Bear , Polar Bear. One of our favourites was ‘We Are Going On A Bear Hunt’, the children have enjoyed acting out the story with their friends. We have also been following instructions, writing shopping lists, writing birthday cards and have lots of opportunities to mark make! We now have letters too in our mark making. The children are working hard at writing their names, now everyone can recognise their own name.

We have been working hard with our Phase 2 phonics and are now trying hard to write the letters too.

In Numeracy we have been exploring numbers to 5 . We have enjoyed collecting amounts and counting carefully. We have been using a five frame and talking about what we can see. The children have been exploring triangles, rectangles and squares and have been making shape pictures.

We are still enjoying Helpwr Heddiw each morning and we can now ask and answer so many things in Welsh. We have learnt lots of new welsh songs which we performed on St David’s day.

This term we took part in ‘Winter Well Being Week. The children helped to plan different activities that made them feel better. They took part in exercise, eating healthy, playing African drums, making time to relax and enjoying time outside. We finished our week by having a Nursery Spa day. The children enjoyed hand massages, a smoothie bar, foot spa and a calm corner with sea music and relaxing lights. It was a lovely week together.

This has been a very exciting term!

Pendoylan CIWPS