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Nursery Autumn Term 2021

Croeso ! Welcome to Nursery!

All the children have really settled well into the Nursery and are enjoying exploring their new surroundings and making new friends! We have a very busy term ahead, with lots of things planned for them all to look forward to.

Our topics this term are ‘Happy Health Me – Hapus, Lachus Fi’ and ‘Muck, Mess and Mixture’.

The children have already enjoyed learning about each others families and how they are all different – but still very special. They have made a special book with all our families’ photographs in and they love to look at it with their friends. It is so lovely to listen to them talking about the different people in the pictures.

We have also been learning about healthy foods, the children made healthy pancakes and decorated them with fruit to make a happy face. They were delicious!

We have enjoyed the story ‘Super Duper Me’. The children loved sharing all their different talents too. We talked about how we were all ‘Super Duper’ at something!

In Knowledge & Understanding of the World, we will be investigating different materials – we will look at how some materials can change in shape when stretched, squashed, bent or twisted. We will also look at how materials change when heated. This will be a great opportunity to develop the children’s vocabulary.

In Literacy, we are already enjoying listening to and sharing stories based around our topics. We’ve started to write some classroom spells and had fun making them in our ‘Potion Room’. We have been making marks using chalk, sticks, pencils and paint which will help us to form our letters and hopefully begin a love of writing. Every morning we find our name and we will soon start to learn to write it too.

We have also been working on our Phase 1 phonics. We have enjoyed learning how to listen very carefully and how to distinguish between different sounds.

In a few weeks we will be going on our first school trip! We are off to watch ‘The Elves and the Shoemaker’ in the theatre ( Monday December 6th 2021) and we will be doing lots of writing activities relating to this when we get back to school.

We have been learning number rhymes and songs in Numeracy. We are trying to count objects that we find around the classroom and putting them on our five frame. We love to count things in the Nursery, plenty of counting practise will help us to keep improving our number skills. We have also been sorting collections of objects based on attributes such as colour, size or shape. We have talked about what is the same about all the objects in the sets and how they are different to the other sets. The children have also compared and ordered the sets.

In Personal, Social & Educational Development, we have been learning to make new friends and to share the resources in the classroom. There are 2 puppets – Molly and Wally – who help us to share and keep watch over everyone in the Nursery. We have also made some classroom rules, so that we can be happy and safe in the Nursery together.

Every day we pick two children to be the ‘Helpwr Heddiw’. Their job is to encourage the class to speak Welsh – the children really enjoy this important role and are learning more new Welsh vocabulary & songs along the way.

We enjoyed learning songs for Harvest. It was so nice to be with all of the foundation phase to celebrate this wonderful time. We can’t wait to start our first Christmas Nativity! Our value this term is ‘Wisdom’.

As you can see, we have done so much together already and we have lots more to look forward to…

Best wishes

Mrs Collingridge
Nursery Teacher

Pendoylan CIWPS