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Year 4 trip to St Fagans Museum

On Tuesday 19th October, Years 3 and Year 4 visited St Fagans Museum to learn about life in Victorian times and to experience Victorian style lessons in the old school.

We were all very excited to dress up as Victorians and to discover what a typical school day was like.

On arrival at the school, Miss Thomas our new teacher met us. She was very strict and we were very wary of her! We had to line up outside and check ourselves in the mirror to ensure that we were clean! Inside the classroom, girls had to sit on one side of the classroom and boys on the other! Miss Thomas told us that if we misbehaved, wrote with our left hand or even spoke welsh, we could have the cane! We were so scared! We had to copy out some sentences in our best handwriting, read a poem and answer questions. We then had to practise our 4 times tables. The desks and benches in the classroom were very hard and not at all comfortable. You had to sit up straight or you would have to wear the back straightener! We did enjoy the experience and it gave us the opportunity to really see what school life was like in the era, as well as experience the emotions that the children felt.

After eating our packed lunches in the lovely, new sandwich room, we ventured back outside to explore the old cottages. We noticed that they were very cold, dark and smoky! They were a lot smaller than what we were expecting. We also enjoyed visiting the Gwalia store to find out how people shopped for groceries in the Victorian times. It was so different to shopping in our super markets!

All too soon it was time to head back to school. We had a super trip and the highlight was dressing up as Victorian children!

Pendoylan CIWPS