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Welcome to Year 4

We have settled well into our new classroom and are glad to be back in school with all our friends. Despite feeling anxious prior to starting the year, we have found that year 4 isn’t so bad after all! Our current topic is ‘Gods and Gladiators,’ which primarily focuses on the Roman period. To help launch our topic, we loaned a few Roman artefacts from the Roman Fortress and Baths at Caerleon to explore and form the basis of our historical enquiry. We had to be very careful when handling these artefacts as some of them were over 2,000 years old.

We had a great time when we welcomed our parents into our classroom. We made some fantastic Roman shields out of card and aluminium foil and we thoroughly enjoyed working together. As part of our English lessons we have been taking on the role of Roman soldiers at Hadrian’s Wall and writing informal letters home describing our time at war. As well as incorporating our Roman topic into our English lessons, we have also been developing our creative writing skills describing mythical beasts and legendary heroes. In weeks to come, we will be looking to write our own myth or legend to include a terrifying beast and a courageous hero.

As the term progresses we will move onto studying Roman battle formation, their conflicts against the Celts and other rivals and we’ll also be creating Roman pots out of clay. We are also looking forward to the prospect of going on our first trip as a class as part of our topic.
In I.T we have used search engines to research facts about the Romans and have created mind maps to include historical information and pictures. We have also been exploring the kinds of information that is safe to share online and have discussed in groups what information should not be shared.

In Maths we have been re-capping our times tables and exploring different methods for addition and subtraction, with an emphasis on place value. We have also incorporated numeracy into other subjects such as our Topic, Science and IT. In Science, we have been looking at classification of living and non-living things where we were given the opportunity to go outside and record our information based on our surroundings. We have also used our research skills to find out which materials are natural and which are man-made, we then recorded our findings into a table. We are looking forward to linking our current Topic in with our Science lessons by exploring further materials such as rocks and metals.

In Welsh we will begin to give our Helpwr Heddiw more responsibility by instructing the class and giving them more opportunities to use and develop their language skills on a day to day basis.

The one trip we are most looking forward to is our trip to Barry Leisure Centre to start our three weeks of swimming lessons. We can hardly contain our excitement!

Pendoylan CIWPS