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Eco School Committee

We are delighted to have set up our new Eco Committee and are already full of ideas for the year. We have a few new committee members so hopefully they will be bringing new ideas with them.

We thought we would just give you all a brief update of our plans so far.

We had our first Eco meeting on Thursday 19th September 2018. We welcomed our new members and looked at the 7 step process of the Eco group. Our first objective is to carry out our Environmental review and we will be doing one in the Foundation Phase and one in the Juniors. Once this is completed we will create our very important ‘Action Plan’.

We are also currently working on our new Eco Code, any ideas would be greatly received.

We look forward to keeping you up to date with all of our plans. If you can offer any help or have any issues you would like us to help with please let the Eco Committee know.

Our Next meeting will be Thursday October 4th 2018.

Best Wishes

The Eco Committee


Pendoylan CIWPS