Welcome To The Parent Council


The parent council is volunteer panel made up from a group of parents who’s children attend the school. Our aim and purpose is to strengthen ‘two way’ communication links between school and parents so that ALL views can be expressed and valued. Parent council meets at least once per term. The dates of meetings will be advertised on Schoop to allow parents to provide feedback to their class representative in advance of the meeting. A newsletter will be sent out via Schoop after each meeting.


• A welcoming, self improving school for all pupils & parents
• Partnership between school, parents & carers
• Engage parents to support the education & welfare of pupils
• Identify & represent the views of parents on matters affecting pupils education & welfare
• To listen to parents & report back on activities & discussions
• Ensure all parents are able to express their views & wishes

Points of Contacts

If you have any suggestions or issues to raise at the next meeting please speak to your class representative listed below...

Nursery : Lucy & Julian Strong

Reception : Becky Allen Rhiannon Stevens Jenifer Carson

Year 1 : Victoria Watson Becky Fairfax

Year 2 : Erica Surcombe Rebecca Scrafton Becki Lakin

Year 3 : Ella Morgan Sian Parker- Hornsey

Year 4 : Ceri Allen

Year 5 : Sally Lloyd Victoria Bolton (secretary)

Year 6 : Lucy Smith ( Chair) Nicola Teague

Please note the aim of the council is to represent all parental and general views, if you have more serious issues or private personal concerns please contact the head or your class teacher directly. You can talk to teachers at drop off or pick up times or telephone the school & request a call back during a suitable time.

Pendoylan CIWPS