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Our visit to St Fagans – National Museum of History

On Tuesday 19th October, Year 3 and Year 4 visited St Fagans to enhance our knowledge of the Victorian Era.

We have been exploring ‘Children of the Revolution’ in great detail in class and it was time for us to experience an authentic Victorian day, and for us to truely get into character we dressed as Victorian school children.

Our adventure began with us exploring houses of the era. We noticed that they were very cold, dark and smelly. They were also a lot smaller than what we were expecting.

We also had the opportunity to explore a Victorian school and even participate in a Victorian lesson. This was the best bit of our trip! Our class teacher for the morning was Miss Thomas, who was the strictest teacher we had ever met. She told us that if we misbehaved, wrote with our left hand or even spoke welsh, we could have the cane! We were petrified. This opportunity gave us the chance to really see what school life was like in the era, as well as experience the emotions that the children felt.

Pendoylan CIWPS