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 ‘Growing Together Towards the Light’

At Pendoylan C/W Primary we believe in a transformational school experience where children’s growth and development enriches their own lives as well as positively impacting the lives of others in their school, local and global communities. The metaphor of moving forward ‘towards the light’ can be interpreted on a personal level and in this respect it is highly inclusive. It implies movement and by unlocking each child’s potential we enlarge their capacity to develop their own bespoke journey ‘towards the light’. Together as a school community we will grow through:


  • Fostering lively, enquiring minds with a ferocious appetite for learning
  • Developing strong values and an increasing aesthetic and spiritual awareness in a Christian atmosphere both at school and within the parish
  • Encouraging ambition, creativity, persistence, independence and resilience in learners who are ready to embrace challenge
  • Providing an exciting, innovative curriculum within and beyond the walls of the classroom
  • Equipping children with the skills, knowledge and learning dispositions they will need to meet the demands of an ever changing world and technological society.
  • Celebrating each child’s uniqueness and encouraging them to be the best version of themselves; unlocking each individual’s potential
  • Encouraging pupils to socialise and collaborate with sensitivity, consideration and humour
  • Providing a safe, inclusive and stimulating learning environment
  • Meeting all children’s emotional, physical, spiritual/moral needs.



  • Giving opportunity for thoughtful consideration and reflection in all aspects of school life and allowing time to reflect on their own personal self-improving journey.
  • Encouraging pupils to think about the ‘who’ and not just the ‘what’ they want to become in the future.
  • Allow pupils the opportunity to consider how their actions impact others either positively or negatively
  • Allow children, staff, parents, governors to have ‘a voice’ in school improvement and development.
  • Allow children, staff, parents, governors and the community to share and celebrate in our achievements.


  • Pupils’ secure spiritual values and moral beliefs will allow them to become confident citizens eager to engage with contemporary issues and desiring to serve their communities both locally and globally.
  • Pupils’ appreciation of others will enable them to respect the needs and rights of others in a diverse society.
  • Pupils’ engagement with the local church community will allow them to appreciate the positive ways that faith and spirituality influence and contribute to people’s lives
  • Pupils’ entrepreneurial and creative abilities will enable them to embrace life challenges and connect with others to reframe problems into opportunities
  • Pupils’ will make a difference by demonstrating their commitment to the sustainability and good stewardship of the planet
  • Pupils will give consideration to their own well-being by having a positive self-image and making healthy lifestyle choices


The staff, governors, local authority and outside agencies work closely together, both informally and formally, to make sure these broad aims are achieved.

The school operates an “open door” policy and parents are welcome to communicate their needs informally to staff on a working day. The staff are always happy to discuss your child’s needs, but if at all possible, we would ask that if you wish to see a member of staff after school, please book an appointment. Pupils are given regular feedback on their work and have targets that they themselves are involved in setting. Pupils and parents are kept informed with the child’s progress at parents evenings and an annual report. Pupils are involved in the decision making throughout the school, and to this end, we have a very active school council.

Pendoylan CIWPS