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Get in the loop with Schoop

Pendoylan Church in Wales Primary School are proud to announce that we are adopting a new app for schools called Schoop.

Schoop will improve the way we communicate with you and our school community. With your valuable involvement, your children’s education and the whole school will benefit.

Due to your ongoing support we have been able to purchase Schoop using funds raised during recent Friends events such as the Film Night. So please keep supporting us so that we can help the school to buy more lovely things for our children!

If you have an iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet

1. Go to https://www.schoop.co.uk/apps/
2. Click the button to download the FREE app, then install and open it.
3. Contact school for ID ( please note this will only be released to parents and guardians)
4. Add the years and groups relevant to you.
5. That’s it – you’re in the loop!

If you have a Windows Mobile, Blackberry, PC or Mac

1. Go to https://www.schoop.co.uk
2. Enter our Schoop ID
3. Add your email address and choose relevant years and groups.
4. Select your preferred language, if applicable.
5. Click CONFIRM, and you’re in the loop!

Need further help?

Please contact Beccie, Cath or Sian if you need any help or you have any questions.
Schoop can also answer any of your questions.
Go to: www.schoop.co.uk and click on Support, or send an email to support@schoop.co.uk

Pendoylan CIWPS