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Welcome To Year One

It has been lovely to see that all the children have settled well into their new class and are very keen to learn.

Our topic this term is ‘Family Album’, which has a history focus.  The children have enjoyed learning about the differences and similarities between life now for a child and in the past.  This has included a focus on homes as they were and as they are now, which has been supported by our roleplay area.  Seeing the children grow and enjoy this aspect of learning has been a pleasure.

In addition to this we have discussed our needs and how our bodies might change as they get older; we have explored ways in which our bodies move and what we can do with them now, as a baby and as we get older.

The first outing of the year was to Pendoylan Church where the children now realise that a church is a special place to belong to and can recognise and explain the purpose of the font, lectern, pulpit and altar.

All the children have stepped up to the challenge using the ‘Lego Challenge Cards’ from building Lego homes to building vehicles for all family members, once complete we then measure them in ‘Cm’ to find the height and width and place them on to a chart.  

Learning new language patterns in welsh has been very exciting. We are looking at family members, weather, counting and colours including ‘What colour do you like or dislike?’ We have started to hold a brief conversation where all the children are doing extremely well. The children also enjoy singing and saying the new welsh prayers.

Despite having lots of fun at school we are looking forward to attending ‘Beti Bwt’s Wash Day’ in St Fagans, National Museum Wales. The children will help Beti Bwt wash her clothes using a washboard, mangle and a dolly just like they did before the invention of the washing machine!

In the coming weeks we will be looking forward to celebrating the harvest festival, followed by learning about the Christmas story and why we celebrate this festival. In the lead up to Christmas we will be planning and designing cards and decorations, we will also be beginning to rehearse our Christmas Nativity.

Pendoylan CIWPS