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Welcome to year 2

Wow, can you believe we have completed four weeks in year 2 already? We have settled in so well and are adjusting to our new daily routines.

We’ve all enjoyed starting our new topic ‘Superheroes’ where we have lots of exciting activities planned. We hope to have a Superhero Day where we will dress as our hero and take part in Superhero tasks. We have had fun designing our own Superheroes with lots of different crafts, making passports and creating Superhero vegetables (like Supernato). We are looking forward to writing our very own Superhero story like ‘Traction Man’ and ‘Nat Fantastic.’

It was so much fun having our ‘Meet the Parents’ morning, where we accessed different activities with our Mums and Dads and showed them what we get up to in school.

We have been working hard on our number bonds to 10, 20 and 100 and focussing on our 3 times table. We are learning to identify number bonds in 2 and 3 digit numbers to make it easier when we are working on addition sums.

In literacy we have been focussing on ‘Lion in a Meadow,’ where we have been identifying different story settings and character profiles. We are now having fun writing our own story about an animal in our downstairs cupboard. We planned our story through a story map and are now turning it into an exciting story.

We are enjoying being the oldest children in foundation phase and are setting a good example to the Receptions and year 1’s.

We are looking forward to all the exciting things ahead of us this year!

Pendoylan CIWPS