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Welcome To Reception

Welcome to Reception. All the children have settled in well to their new class. This Autumn term our topic is Muck, Mess and Mixtures. The children are looking forward to making spells and potions. Also we will be following a recipe to make puddle soup. Um…delicious!

In Maths the children are learning to recognise order and write numbers through maths challenges, rhymes and songs. We will be learning the different ways of making 5 and 6.

In PSE we have thoroughly enjoyed reading a book called ‘Who’s in the loo?’ Although it was a really funny book, it led to some great discussions about when and why we need to wash our hands. We have also learnt to wash our hands correctly.

Together we have written our class ‘Rainbow Promises’ and we are learning to follow rules so everyone feels happy and safe in the classroom.

We have had great fun investigating how materials change when they are heated or cooled and twisted or stretched. The children have particularly enjoyed ‘Elsa’s frozen hands’ activity and discussing why they melted so quickly in the classroom.

In Welsh we have been learning lots of Welsh words, phrases and songs. We will be learning some new Welsh nursery rhymes too.

This term we will be taking part in the Pori Drwy Stori Rhyme Challenge. Please look out for a parent’s letter in your child’s bag. Also, follow the link below to help your child learn the rhymes.


This term our value is ‘Thankfulness’ .We have been thanking God for our friends and family, our homes and our talents. What’s your Talent? Everyone has one!

We are looking forward to our trip to the Sherman Theatre on Thursday 28th November to watch the magic porridge pot. I’m sure the children will enjoy making porridge back at school.

In the coming weeks and months the Reception children will be celebrating and performing in our Christian festivals. So we look forward to seeing you all at Harvest and Christmas.

Pendoylan CIWPS