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Shine Week in Year 6

Year 6 this week were involved in Shine Week. Simon from Vale Catering Services showed us how much fat and sugar was in our everyday food products. This was very surprising because certain foods had more sugar than we realised. Mrs Ella Morgan showed us the structure of a dance lesson. We stretched, worked on our core and then we did sequencing movements all to music. It was good fun and interesting to learn about the structure of a dance lesson.

Mr Rhys Gill from the Cardiff Blues taught us how to pass a ball and we played simple games to develop our skills in passing and receiving. Mr Dave Mann took us for football, we developed our dribbling and tackling skills and played games. This week we had to keep a healthy food diary recording what we ate, drank, how much exercise we did and how much sleep we got. This was interesting to see how your whole week looked.

Literacy Cafe was great fun. We welcomed the poet Francesca Kay into our class and developed our literacy skills in poetry. Our poem was called ‘ I Know’ and we knew a lot!

Here are some photos of our week.

Written by Freya Cole and Izzy Howells

Pendoylan CIWPS