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Shine Week in Year 3

In Year 3 we have been welcoming visitors into our Class to lead workshops on Healthy Living and Wellbeing.

The Week began with a visit from Simon Dovey from the Vale of Glamorgan Catering department. Mr Dovey showed us how much fats and sugars were in different food and drinks. We were shocked and decided that we would try to drink more water and milk and have less fizzy drinks.

Next we had a visit from Mrs Hendy who led a yoga session. We learnt how to hold a balance and some yoga positions. We especially enjoyed the relaxation stretches at the end.

Mrs Palmer-Morgan visited our class to talk to us about looking after our teeth. We looked at an experiment to see the effects of acid on our teeth.

The next practical session was held outdoors when Mrs Mann led a netball skills’ session. We focussed on practising different types of ball throws and how to develop our footwork skills. We ran, jumped, landed on both feet and pivoted. The session ended with a great game of netball.

The Week ended with our class having a lovely lunch with our parents in our classroom.

We also had a literacy cafe in our class and we welcomed the poet Francesca Kay. Our parents came along too and we all wrote our own special poems using just verbs and nouns.

Here are some photographs of our Week.





Pendoylan CIWPS