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Shine Week and Literacy Cafe in Year 4.

In year 4 we have been treated to a week of workshops, conducted by welcoming visitors, centred around the theme of health and well being.

The week began with a visit from Lucy Thomas, who gave us a talk on what foods were healthy and unhealthy, how to read the ingredients off of food labels and we even made some energy balls which were delicious! Immediately after, Simon Dovey came in to show us how much sugar and fats were in some of our favourite foods and drinks.

Our first practical session of the week was a Dance class carried out by Ella Morgan. We learnt that it’s important to warm up before excercise so we don’t hurt ourselves and the structure and sequence of a dance.

Later that week, we had a visit from a Dentist, Mrs Palmer-Morgan, who talked about the importance of looking after our teeth and which sugary drinks to avoid. We also looked at an experiment involving eggs to show the effects those sugary drinks have on our teeth.

Our second practical session came from Mrs Mann who taught us how to play Netball.

In class we also designed and made our own healthy pizzas. We had so much fun making them and they were very tasty indeed.

We have also been treated to a Literacy Cafe, where poet Francesca Kay turned all of us into fantastic poets and showed us how to write a lovely winter’s poem.

Here’s some pictures of our amazing week!



Pendoylan CIWPS