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Eco-Schools Team

We are looking forward to having our Eco-team up and running. We are in the process of interviewing for the different positions for our Eco-committee. We hope to meet regularly and keep a record of what we discuss. We will have an environmental review to ensure we are being as eco-friendly as possible in Pendoylan Primary School. Once our committee has been chosen we will be updating our eco-code for our school. We will allow all pupils in the school to take part in this.

We look forward to continuing to raise money for our Eco-team by collecting old clothes and sending for ‘Bags 2 School.’ We are also hoping to get some free trees from the Woodland Trust to plant in our school grounds. We have a very busy term ahead of us and look forward to sharing all the things we’ve been up to, to get our Eco-team in full swing.

Pendoylan CIWPS